Membership Dues Structure

Your membership dues will support the VFW's mission to serve and represent our veterans at the local, state, and national level.
Annual Membership

Your dues of just $45.00 will cover the cost of your membership for a full calendar year. ($1.98 of your membership dues goes toward your VFW magazine subscription.)
Lifetime Membership

You can become a VFW Life Member by making a one-time payment as shown below.
You can also pay for your Life Membership through our installment plan, with an initial $45 payment, with the Life Membership amount billed over an 11-month period as shown in the table below.

Age 	  	One-Time Payment  	Installment Payment
18-30 $425.00 $38.64
31-40 $410.00 $37.27
41-50 $375.00 $34.09
51-60 $335.00 $30.45
61-70 $290.00 $26.36
71-80 $225.00 $20.45
81 + $170.00 $15.45

Legacy Life Membership

When you become a Legacy Life Member, you are helping us strengthen the VFW. Future generations will know and remember you for the sacrifices you made during your time in uniform in addition to the contributions you made as a VFW Legacy Life Member.
Each level offers generous benefits reserved exclusively for members of this status.
You must be a life member to apply for Legacy Life Membership.

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